First Turntable Buying Guide

First of all, it is worth considering that one player is not enough to listen to vinyl. The set of necessary devices looks like this: player, phono stage, amplifier, speakers. Without them, it will not be possible to reproduce the records.

Many non-professional players have a built-in phono stage. This model should be taken if you do not expect to upgrade your vinyl audio system in the future. Continue Reading

Top 5 Most Anticipated Smartphones In 2018

Very soon, a new, 2018 will come, and now it is time to look into the future of the mobile industry.  Now you are waiting for 12 devices, which we really want to see in 2018.

Most smartphone manufacturers adhere to a certain schedule for the release of new products. And at our disposal there are various rumors and leaks, and therefore now we can name the approximate release dates of all the iconic smartphones. Continue Reading