Top 5 Most Anticipated Smartphones In 2018

Very soon, a new, 2018 will come, and now it is time to look into the future of the mobile industry.  Now you are waiting for 12 devices, which we really want to see in 2018.

Most smartphone manufacturers adhere to a certain schedule for the release of new products. And at our disposal there are various rumors and leaks, and therefore now we can name the approximate release dates of all the iconic smartphones.

About some future devices we know more than others, some less, and even closer to the release a lot can change. But the approximate direction in which mobile technology will move next year, we can designate.

The main innovation of Android-flagships will be a new chip Snapdragon 845 . It will bring with it a lot of benefits that will expand the capabilities of smartphones. In 2017, most of the flagship devices were based on Snapdragon 835, and we are very curious to see if 845 will repeat its success?

From Apple, we expect some interesting solutions in the field of AR and Face ID, and, of course, we are interested in knowing how the new generation of iPhone X will be called?

Apple iPhone Xs, 8s and 8s Plus

Apple iPhone Xs

The whole world is still discussing the release of this year’s iPhone X worth $ 1000 – full-screen design and a notch on the top of the display do not give people peace. In 2018, we are waiting for the next generation of the iPhone X (let’s call it the iPhone Xs) – a smartphone that will retain the same size and style, but it will get a better performance and improved camera.

Of course, it’s too early to talk about what the manufacturer will surprise us, but we know that the device will be announced around the middle of September, and it will be on sale about a week after this.

Also, Apple will release new versions of its two other smartphones, which are most likely to be called iPhone 8s and 8s Plus. Will they have a full-screen design? Will the Touch ID fingerprint sensor be retained? These are just some of the questions we are tormenting, for which we expect to receive answers in the next year.

Samsung Galaxy S9 / Note 9

Samsung was one of the first to release smartphones on Android. But, despite the fact that its devices are very popular, they are still not perfect. In 2018, we expect from the company two big events – the launch of the spring Galaxy S9 and its “big brother” S9 Plus, and the autumn premiere of Note 9.

Under the screen there should be a new revolutionary fingerprint scanner that will fix the current problem with its awful location in S8 / Note 8. I also want very much to see more productive and optimized components: S8 very often stumbles while performing normal tasks and does not work like this , as should the model flagship on Android.

Google Pixel 3/3 XL

A series of Google Pixel smartphones quickly won the hearts of Android fans: “pixels” became an excellent continuation of the Nexus line, offering more premium performance, but retaining the software update on the first day after its release (which is rare in smartphones on Android).

This series has impressive cameras, which perfectly complements the smooth operation of the interface. Pixel 3 and 3 XL should appear in the autumn of 2018, and they already have a solid base, but some shortcomings still need to be corrected.

The biggest is the quality of the screen. It will be insulting, if the new smartphones it will remain at the same level. We also expect Google to continue research into artificial intelligence and machine learning, and, of course, performance gains, longer battery life and an updated camera.

OnePlus 6 / 6T

OnePlus 6-6T

OnePlus has been on the smartphone market for 4 years already, so it does not look like the young startup we saw a few years ago. In 2017, released OnePlus 5and 5T, smart phones with excellent design and high performance. In addition, the proprietary shell Oxygen OS pleases with its simplicity and beautiful design.

In 2018, OnePlus 6 and 6T should appear. We hope that the camera will be better for them, since the current one is a bit short of other flagships.


Due to the fact that HTC has financial difficulties, the company focused on creating exceptionally high-quality and popular smartphones. Every device that it releases can be the last one for it, if it does not bring a good profit.

Such companies are able to admire, as everyone knows that they do their work with maximum efficiency. Many were impressed with the release of this year’s HTC U11 , but they are expecting more from U12 – full-screen design, increasing the quality of the camera and quite a bit of extra work with the original HTC Sense shell. Most likely, the smartphone will be officially introduced in the spring and will become a truly flagship device.

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